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Healing the Soul Rupture: Finding the Boundary of You

Our experience shows that the codependent rupture, which creates an outward focus to gain love or affirmation, is created by a dysfunctional childhood. It is the same rupture among adult children of all family types. This soul rupture is the... Continue Reading →

Retiring the False Self & Employing the True You

Until integration occurs, the traits can cause great despair for the adult child. We seem unable to change them until get help. The Laundry List traits represent the false self, which is convinced that it is real. The false self... Continue Reading →

The Art of Recuperation: Tips for Letting Go of Emotional Pain

Many of us can easily identify with emotional pain. In fact, it accumulates as stored grief and it drives a lot of our behavior. Although we may be able to readily call it up at a moment's notice, like an old friend, we have a hard time letting go of it. We have lived with emotional pain for so long, it is a familiar home.

Humility for the Holidays? A Pathway to Peace

Without humility, we have seen some adult children place wants ahead of needs with troubling outcomes. Feeling empty inside, they chase after their wants constantly through spending, debting, and comparing their lives to others. Many adult children spend hours looking... Continue Reading →

There Is a Field Out Beyond Wrong and Right: Step 5.

"When we look at the exact nature of our wrongs, we see that we have harmed ourselves based on our sense of being unacceptable, inferior or lost."  p. 198, ACA Book, Step 5. In our society, we often focus on... Continue Reading →

No Longer Afraid of Storms: Learning How to Sail Our Ship

One day we wake up and realize we are not sinking anymore, our soul is mending, the holes are being repaired, we are learning how to sail our ship and we are less and less afraid of the storms. We are also able to enjoy the peaceful times.

God Can Move Mountains of Pain

Reading: P. 207-216: Step Six, ACA Book There is a voice in all adult children that simply says, “why should I try?” I’m just going to fail. We must take this voice very seriously, for it has the power to... Continue Reading →

Avoiding the “Rabbit Holes”: Discovery vs. Recovery

"Discovery is marvelous, but recovery is the focus. We can discover many things from insightful self-help books or from a talk-show host. Yet, our experience shows that we cannot read ourselves into true change, and we cannot watch enough television... Continue Reading →

Trusting The Higher Power

"We must remember that ACA is a spiritual and not religious program. Faith and religious convictions are not requirements for ACA membership...yet, a Higher Power is a key part of the ACA way of life. Many adult children have assigned... Continue Reading →

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