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Learning to Dream Again: Re-Parenting Everything With Love

“With re-parenting, we integrate the Steps, Inner Child, and our Higher Power into our daily lives. The person within us that our Higher Power created will emerge safe at last to love and be loved. The Inner Child and service... Continue Reading →

The Here and Now: Self Acceptance & Emotional Sobriety

Discovering one’s real identity begins with accepting the present moment, accepting the self, the job, the house, the bank account, the relationships, the messes and the successes where they are right now, not where they were or where you would like for them to be.

How Do You Know You’re Pointed in the Right Direction? Ask the Foxes.

We live in a time when there is an enormous amount of information available to us but not a lot of wisdom. Wisdom travels beneath the surface of things, is usually passed down through stories and can be quite slippery at times. Yet, if we have any hope for catching a glimpse of our authentic self, that soul self that guides us to purposeful living, then somewhere along the way, we have to make an appointment with Wisdom, herself, and listen. Or, we might just ask the foxes.

Learning to Live From a New Center of Gravity: Emotional Hang Overs & Mini-Relapse

“When we relapse we can return to a life of fearing authority figures and judging ourselves harshly. We can feel ‘hung over’ emotionally when we engage in unhealthy dependent behavior. We see our boundaries weaken, and we find ourselves manipulating... Continue Reading →

“We Love Ourselves When We Find Our Pain and Sit Beside the Divine Light.”

Recovery, coming to live from the authentic self, the soul center, can be destabilizing for a while, but at the same time, there is a great amount of love available to us during this destabilization if only we will open up our hearts to it.

Getting Through the Dark Night

Between the time we have decided to disconnect from our alcoholic beliefs but have not yet reached the security of a spiritual awakening lies a "dark night of the soul" where we perceive there is no guiding force whatsoever. Our... Continue Reading →

Re-Entering the Atmosphere of You: Old Scripts, New Stories and The In Between

While we appeared orderly in the public eye before arriving in ACA, we always had a “script” in our minds. No one else could see or hear the script, but we could hear it and we acted on it. We... Continue Reading →

Learning To Dream: Taking the Risk of Self-Love

It is as if we have been held prisoners from the world of our true self. When we are given the keys to our freedom, we are often so accustomed to the habits of the false self that we become stuck between our old prison cell and the new life that awaits us. We refuse to believe that a Higher Power could lead us into the things we have dared to imagine for ourselves, our dreams.

Permission to Live: Healing from Shame

Trapped in shame, we struggle to find the door within us marked “permission to live.”

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